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An amenity card is your ticket to the resort.  To access all the wonderful, fun activities and facilities of Fripp Island Resort you will need an "amenity card".

What do I need an amenity card for?                                                                                                                                     
All of the great facilities on the island are resort owned and operated by Fripp Island Resort.  The resort requires this card to play golf on either course, play tennis, use any of the pools, rent a bike, eat in a restaurant or join in on any of the planned social activities.  Once you have paid the fee for the card there is no additional fee for the use of the pool.  Additional fees for golf, tennis, restaurants, etc... do apply. 

Who needs a card?                                                                                               

Adults and children 13 and over  need a card to access any of the fantastic facilities mentioned above.  You do not need the cards for kids 12 and under.

Will my cards be mailed to me before my trip?                                                            

No.  You will need to go to the beach club office to pick up your card(s).  Unless you specify otherwise, your card(s) will be dated for the day of your arrival. 

Can I get a card once I arrive for my vacation?                                                               

Amenity cards must be pre-ordered and prepaid.  They can only be purchased from a qualified homeowner.  If you are renting from Rosenberg Properties/Fripptrip.com you may only purchase your card(s) from us. 

What if I don't buy a card and decide I want one after I see all the fantastic facilities and activities I am missing out on?                                                                                   

 We cannot always accommodate last minute requests, however, every effort will be made.  Simply call us on our toll-free line (866 875 3747) and pay for your amenity card(s) with a credit card. 

How much does a card cost?                                                                                           

Prices vary by the season.  Please inquiry after you have set your vacation date.

Cards are Non-Refundable.